Brindlee - 03/29/2024

You were… a good dog.

We all say that, I know. But she really was. She was barely 9 weeks old when I first met her, though my wife knew her from the beginning. She’s been a core part of our lives since Miranda and I started dating. She wasn’t technically our dog until a few years later, but nonetheless, she was there from the start.

It wasn’t until we moved out on our own that we took you with us. We had only had Nala (our first goodest girl), and as fierce as she can be, you were better suited to be our guard dog. I typically say that in jest because you genuinely loved everyone. However, she did fiercely guard the backyard, always doing a perimeter check every time I let her out. If a stranger came onto the property, you’d let them know you were there until you got the all clear from us.

I didn’t realize it for some time, but you really were my security blanket. Especially after we had children, I’d put you on the couch every night with a petting and a blanket, knowing you’d wake me up if something was up. You loved us, our home, your home, your family, so much. You were goofy, and you loved food more than anything else, but I know you loved us so much, just as we did you.

I remember when we came home with Lincoln. You were so curious what little creature we had brought to you. You watched intently, you whined when he cried, you were there every time we fed him, you comforted us when we were frustrated. You’d watch him when he slept. You just were there.

You were there when we met.

You were there when we moved out on our own.

You were there when we got married.

When we had our children.

When we faced the hard times and the good times.

When we grew up.

You were there.

You’ve been a constant in our lives, our relationship, our home since the beginning. I know that you had so much longer with us, but life can be cruel, and life comes faster than you think. I’m angry cancer took you from us. I’m grateful… happy to have had you by my side as I figured out how to be a husband, father, and a man. I’m grateful we had some warning before we had to let you go. I know that you’re home with Daisy, Otey, and Sophie. I know that I will see you again one day.

I love you, Brin.